css pencils

the same guy who made css house has done more insane css tricks.. very detailed “image” pencils done in pure css.. warning it might take a while to load

read what he has to say first

personally i think he’s going too far.. that is not proper use of css. of course if he enjoys doing it, why not? i screenshot his default image. it is saved as gif you see above and it is only 4.94kb but his css files are 31 – 41 times bigger..
default.css 203kb
B.css 189kb
G.css 158kb
R.css 159kb
bright.css 177kb
dark.css 163kb
grey.css 174kb
invert.css 172kb
zoomx2.css 203kb
zoomx4.css 203kb

all i can say is this guy’s got some patience.

8 thoughts on “css pencils

  1. Only if everyone had patience like that. Man, that must have taken him a good long time to figure that out.

  2. Those CSS pencils are extremely amazing. I wonder how he could actually find the time and patience to work on something like this. Well, I opened the CSS pencils in a new window, and it is still loading now despite waiting for almost 5 minutes…

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