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gay magazine in china?

wow this is very interesting

while some people are desperate about gay rights, someone believed they found the first real gay magazine in china. the only evidence are the photos plus the title “menbox” i think. i’d like to see more of the contents inside. just looking at the name and the photos i can not conclude it’s a gay magazine, can you? can’t it be a very light form of playgirl sorta? i realize the name is “menbox”.. but how many people in china understand that? surely not your daily average citizen. ok i just saw the chinese title in small font below the english title as shi shang jun zi but still it could be a light form of playgirl…

but it will be really cool if it’s real.

7 thoughts on “gay magazine in china?

  1. hmmm i wouldnt know >.< do you order magazines from china? i dunno how to keep on track of whats going on.. in english version that is ^^" but AWESOME domain dodo!! 😉

  2. It seems more like Maxim to me. There would be no women on the cover if it was a gay mag. There would be two men cuddling or something. 🙂

  3. Trust me, the magazine is targeted for gay audiences. Straight men don’t buy magazines showing naked men standing under waterfalls, or hugging other naked men. I bought a copy of Menbox (I live in Shanghai), in this issue 100% of the photos are sexy Asian guys (and one white guy) in underwear or nude, usually in sexy poses, sometimes with another guy. I think any females who appear in the magazine are strictly for “cover”. just as gays in the west, in the past, had women friends to perform the same function.

    Chinese women just don’t buy magazines of nude photos (they like magazie of rock stars like F4), and straight guys would notbe interested in erotic photos of men. So who does that leave? Gay Chinese males. COOL! Good luck to Menbox!

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