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so my research project for the next semester has started early. i had a couple of options. i chose to learn c# and help building this IE addtion component like google toolbar for a specialized search engine for my professor. he warned me it’s gonna be hard. yes it will be challenging since i have very little experience programming in windows environment. but i do want to learn. he told me to start with this tutorial. right now i haven’t been able to compile the source code. i’m not familiar with visual studio or COM. it will be a very enjoyable class if there’s an offer. i’m a horrible self learner. i’d prefer lectures 100 times over reading a textbook. hrm but yea if i do plan going to grad school, i’d better overcome that. btw, i looked over GRE last week. not pretty. it’s just like SAT only tougher. good thing i’m not really shooting for a very high score if i plan to stay in iowa. the registration fee hurts tho: $113 per test.

2 thoughts on “dig into COM

  1. Hi Dodo,
    This has nothing to do with your entry, but I don’t know your email. So here goes, I was wondering if you were up to doing some paid database work. If interested email me and I’ll give you the details. It’s for my husband, so he wants to know your rate too… Thanks!!

  2. Ha, ditto on the lectures. I try to avoid reading the textbook as much as possible. Different strokes for different folks. Although, I think I will have to break out of this habit soon too. While it hasn’t negatively affected my grade thusfar, it most likely will in the upper division courses.

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