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some people call for freedom of speech like a person walking in desert yearning for water. it strikes me as many chinese do feel the thirst.. the problem is how many of them will take to make a difference… all… wonder when that site will be banned by the gov’t but then they probably won’t need to ban it since it doesn’t make a difference anyway. i see it’s getting more oversea attention then domestic.. which is no surprise of course, it’s been like this for who knows how long. but like richard said, at least it’s an expression against a fundamental wrong. perhaps one day when they all add up, they will make some kind of difference.

2 thoughts on “freedom of speech

  1. I think petitions are no good unless what ever you’re doing will actually listen to them. You know like making a school club and whatnot. For something this big I think there needs to be a riot or public speaking stand in order to get the gov’ts attension better. I’ve signed a few petitions before and I saw a lot of names, but I’ve never seen any change.

    1. riots in china will probably cause more arrests. when a totalitarian gov’t says you are screwed, you are usu. very much screwed. but internet allowed us to see petitions like this so we hear others’ outcries. sometimes miracles do happen. if they don’t, at least you know people are trying something however helpless they are.

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