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wacky professor

there’s a lot more to say about this wacky visiting asso. professor from HongKong. he teaches my asian humanities: china class. he believes in too many superstitions (fengshui, yijing etc). for example, he puts a budda on his office window so the female ghosts won’t come and corrupt him (since he’s a scholar).

he’s also extremely obsessed with powerpoint. he was too astonished to find out that our classroom does not have a computer. he said, without powerpoint, you have no power and no point. *dies*

5 thoughts on “wacky professor

  1. hahaha. i have a teacher like that, he moves his car around the parking lot in co-ordination with the sun. Sometimes I wonder if we are the ones who should be teaching.

  2. lol.. well that’s like my mom O_O; very superstitious…. i guess you just have to accept that xD

    and LOL, that powerpoint thing just cracked me up xDDD

  3. -.-;;

    “No power and no point”… I’d like to see him in my classroom. We do have a computer. But it has a fanatical obsession with hanging on us.

    But it does make a bit of sense.

  4. Odd! Very very Odd! Well I have once a class where we had to make a powerpoint presentation and the more sounds and cool effects you used, the better grades you got *rolls eyes*

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