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freeing sex slaves

“Girls here are bought and sold, but there is an important difference compared with the 19th century: many of these modern slaves will be dead of AIDS by their 20’s.”
reading this kind of reports just reconfirm my belief in how money alone will not solve the problems. so the reporter bought freedom of two young prositutes from their brothels; if this is a movie, they should both go home live happily there after. unfortunately when one of them returned home, it was merely a cheer. her parents were interested more in the reporter’s car than their daughter. “she (their daughter) was treated as no more than a lost cat that had shown up again.” but the good news for this one is that since she had a little bit of school and had only been a prostitute for one month. with some help, she’s ready to earning her living through a different way.
altho there’s warm celebration for the other girl’s return. but because she’s been a prostitute for so long. it seemed she just could no longer live a normal life and returned to her old brothel 3 days after. this is the same girl who seemed to be willing to give up her freedom for her cellphone.

“I could see how a girl with gumption like Srey Neth, unschooled and naïve, could yearn to get away. It is precisely this low status of peasant girls in so many countries that makes the trafficking possible. For trafficking to be wiped out, the low status of girls needs to be addressed through literacy and job programs and other efforts.”

sometimes i think about china. the gov’t had been cracking really hard on prostitution, but then you hear story like this. it’s a communist tradition to crack down hard on brothels but with low education and corruption, the problems just can not be completely eliminated.

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