the real pink poo

i can’t believe it! daynah got me the real pink poo for my birthday! if you don’t know pink poo, read more about my obession here.

  mean while i got a haircut. amazing, i haven’t had one for so long. the woman who did my hair was really considering to measure my hair to give to cancer patients. WOW! this is the shortest my hair had been for many years.
school wise news: i’ve been extremely busy. i’ve been offered a web master job for UI – interview tomorrow. and the professor who i’ve been doing research for REALLY encourages me to consider the graduate school. more specifically the MIS PhD program at the business college. i was a bit worried that my GRE score will not be high enough. he said don’t worry about GRE; if i want to accept you because i know you, your GRE score doesn’t matter. it’s about who you know not what you know (i’m a bit confused about the last statement but i suppose it made me feel i have a great chance of getting accepted. XP)

last but not least: i dont know when or how, hehe kimi told me i won the golden honeybear award at qbee 🙂 qbee rocks!

5 thoughts on “the real pink poo

  1. OMG.. the cinnamorolll with the “pink poo” is just sooo veryyy cuuuteee… *is jealous*

    and you look soo cute with your new haircut, dodo! ^__^

  2. I wish you good luck for your web master job interview. With this hair cut nothing should go wrong. I think it´s about what you are not what you know (always a good excuse 🙂

  3. The pink poo is cure!

    Your hair looks awesome! You look like my niece in that picture, lol 🙂

    ANd a lot of luck on the interview, but sinc eyou are a talented webmaster I guess you will get tjhe job!

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