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  1. Search engine giant has demanded that freebooble.com takes down their web site, Freebooble is search engine for free adult content, a FreeBooble spokesman said Wednesday.

    FreeBooble officials claim its site doesn’t infringe Google’s Trademark rights.

    On the Jun. 15, the Google Trademark Enforcement Team e-mailed the company asking to take down their domain and transfer it to Google.

    FreeBooble currently has over 3 million free pictures and 500,000 free movies in their search engine and growing everyday. It’s currently the biggest search engine for the free adult content.

    Google claims that the company uses a Domain Name that is similar to Google’s trademark, also they claims that the registration and use of the Domain Name misleads consumers into believing that some association exists between Google and the company, which tarnishes the goodwill and reputation of Google’s services and trademarks.

    Will Google send “slaps” to every websites that has two O i.e.: “gOOgle” in their domain name? Like they did with bOOble.com and now freebOOble.com?

    “Get real now, who will confuse google.com and freebooble.com when typing the domain,” said “Ben”, an Internet executive at Freebooble.com

    “Ben” said we started this Web site as a parody of Booble.com and then got carried away,” putting his own time and money into this web site. “When I received the email, I thought it was a spam or a joke, but I quickly realized it was the standard letter they usually send. But if they want court to clarify this, let’s do it.”

    Legal letter and more information can be found at http://www.freebooble.com/p.asp
    The FreeBooble organization can be found at http://www.freebooble.org


    Web site: http://www.freebooble.com

    Contact us via: http://www.freebooble.com/c.asp

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