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more to what i wrote previously (which i find now extremely boring), i’m searching for advice on how to write a good personal statement for my graduate school application. some tips on this page just make me laugh so hard. i can not believe that apparently people have made the mistakes before.

* DO NOT makes misteaks in grammer, speling: or puncuation; (see how bad it looks).
* Conform to the required structural specifications (e.g., 1 page, single spaced). If no specifications are given, no more than 1 single-spaced page or 2 double-spaced pages is a good rule.
* Do not use cute fonts or colored paper.
* Show individuality without being “odd.”
* Avoid discussing personal problems, such as a recent nervous breakdown.
* Avoid clichés such as “I want to help people” or “I want to make the world a better place.” Try to be down to earth.
* Be straightforward and honest. If you have done your homework, then you honestly are applying to the schools that would serve you best.
* Tone: Write with confidence but not arrogance. Let the faculty know that you are enthusiastic, determined, and ready for graduate school. Avoid writing the statement like you know everything you need to know, and the school would be lucky to have you.
* Use active verbs to describe your experiences.
* Specificity: Demonstrate that you actively researched the school to which you are applying (e.g., type of program, emphasis on research vs. practice, general research area of faculty members, etc.) and that it would suit your goals. However, being too specific (identifying the precise type of research you want to conduct with a specific faculty member) may narrow your options and decrease you chances of being accepted.
* Proofread it, have a trusted friend or family member proofread it, take it to a writing lab on campus, and then have a faculty member read it. Then proofread it again.

i just talked to the professor i’ve been doing research for. since i realized i can graduate after this summer, he’s encouraging me to apply for the graduate school THIS COMING FALL. he even said the probability of me being accepted is > 90%. and i don’t even have to have my GRE score ready right a way. i was worried that i will not perform very well on GRE if i don’t have time to study for it. he even said he can allow me to study for GRE instead doing more research so i can get ready. he so wants me to work with him as a graduate student.. it’s making my blood boil. he said so far there’s only one application they received that is worth considering and he’d easily give that up for mine coz i’m so much better. i was planning to take a year off from school. he said he is afraid i will not come back if i do. i guess i will probably just go for it huh? this is totally unexpected……….. i’m still shaking in disbelief….

4 thoughts on “personal statement

  1. Go for it. Dodo, I think it’s great. I know a year off would be perhaps relaxing, but the whole time you’d be knowing that you still had more school you wanted to finish. By staying in school you are less likely to forget the small stuff. 🙂 I’m really happy for you. 🙂

  2. Good luck! Although it sounds like you will definitely get in, I know how nerve-wracking it can be. I finished writing one of those personal statements the other day, and I’m so nervous about getting into grad school that it makes me feel sick, even though I’ve been told I have a very good chance.

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