someone emailed me saying she couldn’t find information on S.H.E. – a relatively new girl band from taiwan. i personally am not a fan but i thought i’d mention something about them since most information about them is in chinese.
if you know chinese, you can find a lot about them at
They are a singing group made of Selina, Hebe and Ella hence the name S.H.E
here’s some profile information about them translate from

name: Selina
birthday: Oct 31
city of birth: Taibei
blood type: A
height: 163cm (5’4”)
weight: 45kg (99lb)
personality: open, lively
family members: dad, mom and a younger sister
favorite singers: coco, a-mei, cheng jie yi
more (in chinese)

name: Hebe
birthday: March 30
city of birth: Xin Zhu
height: 161cm (5’3”)
weight: 43kg (95lb)
horoscope: Aries
personality: everchanging
family members: dad, mom and an older brother
favorite singers: shun zi, cheng shan ni, faye wong, The Cranberries
more (in chinese)

name: Ella
nicknames: a-hua, mao mao
birthday: June 18
city of birth: Ping Dong District
height: 163cm (5’4”)
weight: 48kg (106lb)
horoscope: Gemini
blood type: O
personality: outgoing, lively, neutral, showy
family members: dad, mom, grandpa, grandma and an older sister
more (in chinese)

here’s a link to download or listen to the song “Superstar” from their newest album “Superstar”. addition resources: photos, wallpapers. this is kinda funny. I found their dolls for sale in china on a message board

sina directory of more websites about S.H.E (in chinese)

13 thoughts on “S.H.E

  1. Thank you very much for the information, more that what I would have found. See, as I think I don’t know very much about chinese pop your web is going to help a lot, all I know about it is what the owners of the chinese restaurant let me find out and that’s not very much as they don’t understand Spanish very well and nothing to say about my Chinese XD. That SHE websita may make me improve it, don’t you think so?
    Thank you for everything again .

  2. I’m not really into c-pop since I can’t understand what they’re saying. ^_^; Do most sing in Mandarin rather than Cantonese? *sobs* I guess they’re the next Twins (they’re not even twins) or something… S.H.E. are so skinny. v_v

  3. relatively new? 😛 you know S.H.E has been around for a while, right?? (and… they’re not that good… 😛 ) k, i’ll stop being a jerk. anyway dodo thanks for the link to the download 😀

  4. Ah Dodo, thanks! I love SHE! ^__^ I’m pretty new to Chinese Music (i love it) and SHE was the first female group I ran across to. ^__^ See you later! Take care!!

  5. They are not that new:)
    I love some of their songs, for example lian ren wei man.
    The S.H.E girls seem tiny. i mean 43kgs?How do they do that?:) Makes me want to lose weight. =grins=
    Did you watch the chinese new year show?on CCTV. I wanted to know the names of some of the singers but was unsuccessful in my search for them.

  6. Hi everybody! I just came back from 5 months in China and what I got in my head the whole day are songs from S.H.E!!!! I had a really funny time with them and now I have to make France discover them!!!! hi hi! but it’s really hard to find something in english on this subject, thank you for this! bye!

  7. Does anyone know about S.H.E. doing a cover of the Destiny’s Child song “Brown Eyes” from the Survivor CD? My sister bought a copy of an S.H.E. cd and we noticed how one of their songs sounded exactly like it! Pretty weird, huh?

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