city ladies

i finished watching city ladies – a Chinese comedy soap opera. it’s very interesting. it’s based on the cartoon se nu lang. it’s a story about four young ladies.

one wants to get married very bad thus the nickname “marriage crazy”.
she’s not very attractive but she’s very innocent and kind.

this one is extremely attractive. “millions boyfriends” loves to manipulate men to reach her goals.
however she’s only interested in rich men.

“cowboy” believes in career. she believes she can be as strong as a man.

“miss bluffer” bluffs about everything. she’s young, energitic but naive.

the story is not unique. it’s about love and marriage but it presents the four types of ladies extremely well. it’s funny and enjoyable. click here to view some photos of the show. for those who can watch chinese soap opera, i highly recommend it. i uploaded its theme song for your hearing pleasure. download it here (this link will only be available for a limited time. so grab it fast!)

6 thoughts on “city ladies

  1. That sounds like an interesting soap opera. I don’t think they air it around here. And even if they did, I don’t know if I would be able to understand it. lol

  2. Is it really old? I think that first lady seems familiar – my mom was watching it once on TV and i walked in on that girl sad because her husband ditched her on the wedding day. or somethign?! haha i dunno.

  3. I’ve watched this show. In mandarin however, it’s called “Pink Ladies”. Very interesting and funny. Somewhat sad at some points such as when that old lady, who had been waiting for her husband (or boyfriend), was dancing with whats-his-name. That part made me cry.

  4. I thought it was based on ‘Fenhong Nvlang.’ Anyway, I really enjoyed that show when it was on TV here; I’m trying to find a place to get VCDs or DVDs of it before I leave.

    Check out ‘Biele Wengehua’ (“Leaving Vancouver”) if you get the chance. It’s not a comedy, and has a lot of pretty stupid plot points, but it’s pretty enjoyable, and a friend of mine plays an evil lawyer in it.

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