a few web updates

i started picking up some of the web projects i’ve been neglecting due to busy schedule.

first The BlogMatch Project is back in business. altho its registration had been open, it didn’t email match results. the previous algorithm used to do matches was proven to be a failure so i’m doing it the old fashioned way now. you provide your keywords here and we will email you the matches DAILY. To ensure quality matches, you may also create a no list to prevent matches from certain members. The system has just been implemented to reflect the change. if you see any errors or have any suggestions, please let me know! I will love you very much if you’d try out the changed system. the number of matches you get is based on the uniqueness of your keywords. if your keyword is rare, then you are less likely to get matches and vice versa.

secondly i put up a new layout at it still badly needs updates on its contents.

lastly DNW alarm me service has been updated. all of your events before March 2003 will be deleted on June 15th to SAVE SPACE. from now on, all events that are 120 days or older WILL BE DELETED BY THE SERVER AUTOMATICALLY! in addition, i’ve modified the script to support REPEATING events. you may now choose to repeat the same event monthly or yearly. see it for yourself!

6 thoughts on “a few web updates

  1. Great new layout at Regretless! I hope I didn’t offend you with any of my comments on your last post… it wasn’t my intention at all 🙂

  2. You are brilliant! I just added the new counter to my site! I was using before but it just added advertisements under it. So, I was in need of a new counter. I really thank you for making it!! I also use your alarm me service. That is so awesome! I am not trying to sound greedy or unthankful or anything but is there a way to add events that repeat weekly? Because many people have lessons and activities that are on the same day of every week. (cap, dance, music, swim lessons etc.) It’s just a thought for something to add to it if it were possible to add and you wanted to. I feel like I am sounding very confusing right now so I am going to go. I love your sites and keep up the great work with them! xoxo.

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