andy gone for a week

andy left this morning for kansas city. he won’t be back until friday. that’s a long time. i don’t think i’ve ever experienced him gone for so long. he’s there to compete in the national vica for automative technology. if he wins, he even gets to compete in an international round in Europe somewhere. LOL let’s see if that will happen. maybe i will get to go to the international one as a guest for free, too.

oh yea, i made a new button for pure essence yesterday. link me 🙂
link me :)

13 thoughts on “andy gone for a week

  1. Dodo!!!!!! The new layout is awesome!!!!! I like green. 😀 You know what, 2 days ago I visited the sites that I like, and looked for link buttons. Almost none have them anymore. Yours is awesome! I am sorry I didnt make a counter style yet, not forgotten, I just need really long for everything. O_o

  2. i’m sorry to hear andy is gone for so long, my boyfriend, andy (lol) is gone until mid august for an internship with toyota…it’s lonely without them around isn’t it?! i hope he wins, that’s so exciting!

  3. ooh I hope Andy wins, that would be awesome if you could go to Europe with him!! 😀 I love the button, too. It’s soo very cute ^^

  4. absence makes the heart grow fonder (i know it’s hard but that’s so true, though!) homecomings are always fun and the first hug feels so lovely. 🙂 oh and click my “url” to see a picture that steve snapped with his phone today, it made me think of you! 😀

  5. Best of luck to Andy in his competition! Your new theme is great! As usual, I’m so jealous. Now I’ll probably have a new layout soon… you always inspire my creativity hehe 🙂 It reminds me of SimpleBits.Com – one of my favorite websites! The colors are great.. and the button is cute too 🙂 Keep up the great work!

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