watch Fahrenheit 9/11, exercise your right

i watched Fahrenheit 9/11 yesterday. that movie to me was so powerful that every time i close my eyes, some of its images comes to my mind or some of its words come to my ear. no, this is not the first time i’m so impressed by a film. but definitely the first time toward a political film. it’s just incredible that such a film can be played in america during the administration it’s attacking. i was prepared for a bold documentary; it still shocked me with the degree of its boldness. the fact this movie can be played in this country is hardcore democracy. i doubt many other countries can match it. murders of hundreds of thousands of lives committed by the chinese gov’t decades ago still can not be touched even on the Internet. americans who don’t exercise their right to watch this film are simply taking their political system for granted. coming from a non-democractic country, i feel sorry for them. even if you don’t agree with a thing in this movie, this is one of the few opportunities to SEE a complete unsugarcoated report on your gov’t. don’t throw it away!

the film is funny, electrically charged, and thought-provoking. there are people who love this film to death and those absolutely detest it (head over to yahoo for A+ and F ratings). i think this is the beauty of america. i am glad that Moore has the guts to go up against both parties and expose the rampant stupidity and hypocracy in today’s government. you can laugh with tears or vomit at the bloodshedding scenes. no matter how manipulatively moore used facts to make his point. at least he’s using facts while most media is just using words when validating the invasion in iraq. prepare for something that will blow your mind.

13 thoughts on “watch Fahrenheit 9/11, exercise your right

  1. wow 🙂 i’m glad you enjoy the movie-watching experiance so much. I really want to see it too. And you’re right, it’s great that Moore was able to use democracy so fully, even though so much that was put against the launching of the movie.

  2. that was such a great movie! i heard that some of the conservative republicans who go to see it, come out saying that they can’t bring themselves to vote for him in november! maybe we can get rid of him forever! bush i mean! heeh

  3. watchin that movie would be like watching 2 hours of news. why would i pay for that when i could do that at home every half hour? i dont know. some people are that insane.

    1. give me a break.. if you think what’s covered in this movie are all covered in the news, you are certainly sitting in the bottom of the well and looking out thinking the sky is just as big as the opening of the well. jing di zhi wa in chinese. if the movie is that boring, explain how it beat both “white chicks” and “dodge balls” over the weekend while both of the comedies are showing on more than three times of the screens than F9/11. read some facts before you assume.

  4. I haven’t seen it (and probably won’t) … but isn’t it more of a political commentary than documentary? And Moore admitted that the movie was a satire…

        1. For example, Storm mentioned the scene where the president is in a classroom in Sarasota, Fla., after he learned that the nation was under attack on Sept. 11. Moore puts a timer on the scene and uses a voiceover.

          Asked if that is fair, Moore says, “Well, sure. First of all, it’s satire. The thoughts I’m voicing in his head are my humor. Actually, I think it’s very generous that I’m even assuming he had thoughts in his head.”

          i’m not surprised if there are parts that are satire. it’s very different from saying the entire film is a satire. from my interpretation, moore said that particular scene is a satire not the entire movie.

  5. That’s correct. I hadn’t actually read his statements when I posted the comment originally, so I’m glad that I had to go look it up and see what he actually did and did not say. I misspoke (mis-wrote?) earlier.

    At any rate, I feel that his works are less documentary and more commentary. Because, in my opinion, documentaries should not take sides or portray things in a certain light. And I think everyone (even Moore maybe) would agree that he has a definite “side” to the topic at hand (whatever it is, depending on which movie).

    1. he’s very suggestive in his film but that’s very thing gives him the power than average american media. you might find flaws or even things you don’t want to believe in his film but the fact is here’s no hard evidence to show he’s not using facts. indeed, i find this editorial in nytimes today did a fairly just analysis of his film.

      And for all its flaws, “Fahrenheit 9/11” performs an essential service. It would be a better movie if it didn’t promote a few unproven conspiracy theories, but those theories aren’t the reason why millions of people who aren’t die-hard Bush-haters are flocking to see it. These people see the film to learn true stories they should have heard elsewhere, but didn’t. Mr. Moore may not be considered respectable, but his film is a hit because the respectable media haven’t been doing their job.

  6. dodo, you are so rude and mean. you seem to argue with every single person that says “i don’t like fahrenheit 9/11.” why don’tyou just shut up and listen to me:
    i do not care for political movies like that. you read the facts of LiFE. everyone has totally different and respectable opinions. i can tell you’ve never glimpsed at reality.

    1. oh my, i’m getting a heart attack. “backing up my opinion” apparently means disrespecting opposite opinions and know nothing about reality. what an intelligent argument! hrm, does the word “debate” ring a bell? is this the country that hosts presidential debate? man, can’t believe it’s actually ran by people who have never glimpsed reality. on the other hand, why don’t you leave your REAL NAME AND EMAIL if you are SO LIVING IN THE REALITY.

      let me see
      IP Address:
      Location: Seattle (47.611N, 122.333W)
      Network: Unknown

      Comcast Corporation (COMCAST4-DOM)
      1500 Market Street
      Philadelphia, PA 19102

      yup i’m rude and mean. what are you gonna do about that besides whining like a baby with a hidden identity? give me a break.. if you think this is bad, you should go to see some real conversatives debating about moore. LMAO. GO BACK TO YOUR BARIE RIGHT NOW. troll.

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