buy my DVD

hi, i accidentally bought an extra copy of Scourge of Worlds – A Dungeons & Dragons Adventure so i’m selling it on ebay now for cheap. starting at $1.5. this is your opportunity to get it for yourself or a gift for someone else

description of the DVD:
If you enjoyed those ‘Choose your own adventure books’ when you were a kid, or your kids read those now, and you like fantasy, this dvd is for you.

As far as games go, its very simple. You watch a small cinematic and then choose what you want the group or character to do from a given menu of options. That’s really it. Don’t expect more than that.

Supposedly there are 990+ combinations of stories. I have not, nor will I ever see them all. However, that isn’t such a bad thing as I can come back to this DVD time and time again and the story will probably change every time.

It’s a nice thing to have for game night as it provides a short break from what ever games your group normally plays.

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