i just realized today that amazon is not only a good place to buy books but also a good place to sell them. andy ordered a toyota manual that he didn’t turn out to need. it’s brand new wrapped in plastic. it would be a total waste just sitting around. no one here really needs it. so i thought i’d give it a try by selling it on amazon. amazingly it got sold in 2 days. of course i priced it extremely low since it’s my first sale. i have no idea how to price it. so i priced it $5 lower than the lowest price for a new copy listed on amazon. amazon doesn’t charge you for listing. it just takes a percentage of the profit when you make a sell. i guess now i know where i should sell all the textbooks i no longer need.

9 thoughts on “amazon

  1. Ahhh the world of internet selling and buying *jenny peeks in* I would love to try it but fear of addiction prevents me from doing so…

  2. Anyone selling The Sciences: An Intergrated Approach – Edition 4

    I’d love you forever… haha.

    I love to buy books on amazon.

  3. Sometimes selling on Amazon, as with any online transaction, can be a real pain sometimes. For one, the cutthroat prices listed on the site are mind-boggling. Still though, I used to save more money than if I were to sell it back to the school, and I think it still applies. Secondly, there is no need for you to set the price $5 lower. All it takes is 1 cent lower than the lowest price and a good rating to get your books sold.

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