DMB blogathon!

weeeeeeeee that was too fun!

haha.. yea we are nuts but we are friendly and funny nuts. from 7/31/2004 12:00GMT to 8/1/2004 12:00GMT we had our dmb blogathon. 59 members participated in posting. probably a few more in the chatroom. our stats are pretty stunning.
548 Posts Were Posted
722 Comments Were Posted
66 Different Nicks Were Represented In The Comments
in 24 hours 🙂

the chatting was great. but we finally figured out we should have gone with IRC coz msn chat has a 20 ppl limit and aim for some reason just isn’t as poular.

for those who participated, you should go nominate now! and oh yea, i promised you some humpage pictures LOL

3 thoughts on “DMB blogathon!

  1. yeaa, that’s was a lot of fun ^___^ too bad i didn’t stay up for the whole thing… and i had to sleep-in AGAIN.. lol

    but oh well 🙂 i’m happy it turned out to be such a success 🙂

    and rotfl… oh dodo… xD the thingsi you subject bubo too.. lol

  2. i didnt make it to the event. i was sitting here on the computer till 8am and it never occured to me.. OH YEA! i missed out. grrr.

  3. the blogathon was soooo fun! I wish I could have been there for the whole thing. I can’t wait until the next one!! And bubo looks so cuuute.

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