arg i’m so nervous. i finally registered to take GRE. i will be taking it on 8/21 11am. i never do good on standardized tests. my SAT wasn’t piss poor (it actually waivered my TOEFL) but my verbal really bites. i know complaining is no use now. i just need to concentrate on studying right now. so i need to put all my web projects aside for three weeks. no more big php script altho i have so many ideas i wish to implement. eek… (oh yea i just heard there are no entrance tests in Canada. what a treat huh?)

i moved to shi’s new hosting company! yes shi’s back if you haven’t heard. she’s as cool as ever. regretless has been exceeding its month bandwidth allowed. arg apparently 25gb is no longer enough so i ordered 5 more gb from shi. sheeh.. all those new services on dnw just eat up bandwidth like hungry wolves.

i should get offline now. before i go, i must show you how BUBO is a spy DOG LMAO!

4 thoughts on “GRE

  1. hahah that’s so cute xDD

    but oh my… yea standardized tests suck 😛 hehe and no, there’s no real test to get into university here x) just need the marks *_*; and a forfill the qualifications of a highschool diaploma

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