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Multi-more plugin

here’s a demonstration of the multi-more plugin.

  • this is a list
  • this is a list 2

text in between

this plugin is for hiding parts of your entry text. the syntax has changed from my old b2 hack. it used to be

<!--more-->your text<!--endmore-->

now it’s

<!--cut-->your text<!--/cut-->

if you have converted your blog from b2 to wp and wish to continue to use dodo’s hack, you may want to run the converterB2-WPmultimore.php which is also included in the zip file.

more stuff about this plugin

in order for this plugin to validate xhtml, i have removed the default wpautop filter. therefore you will lose modifications you made in the wpautop function in functions-formatting.php. since most people i believe do not modify their wpautop function. it probably will not affect many of you.

this plugin is in beta for its ability to validate xhtml strict. if you think this plugin causes you originally validated blog to have errors, i’d like to hear about it.

download here

4 thoughts on “Multi-more plugin

  1. I’m thinking about trying this out. I already edited my quicktags. What i need to do next is not clear. I have to edit functions.php? Just add in your code?If so,where exactly?

  2. Hi.
    I like the Plugin, but I don’t like the linebreaks after the “read more”. Is there any chance to change that? I have tried but don’t get it working. What I want do do is like that:

    Yesterday I visited some blogs>> and can say that…

    an if you click on blogs:

    Yesterday I visited some blogs (link, link, and another link or some explanations and rants about them <<klick to shorten) and can say that…

    thanks in advance!

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