new no margin pop js

now it even automatically detects the image’s width and height!

here’s the code

 <a href="" onclick="viewPic(this.href); return false"><img src="" alt="new dodo's no margin js: it automatically detects the image's width and height" /></a>

here’s the effect
new dodo's no margin js: it automatically detects the image's width and height

here’s how to get your own:
download dodos new no margin js

put this in your header:

<script type="text/javascript" src="dodosnewnomargin.js"></script>

the code above should also work for you 🙂 credit

7 thoughts on “new no margin pop js

  1. It seems that the code isn’t working correctly under Safari 1.2. It creates a new window thats about the size of a smaill box. Or was this intended…

    1. interesting.. there supposed to be a picture in the new window.. it’s just blank? i don’t have the browser so i don’t know how it looks like.

  2. I use my own popup script in wp which I adopted over time and it works well, but the ‘onClick’ in the a-href tag does not validate and it’s the only error my wp pages create – seing that your script also uses the same comment, I’m curious to know if there is a solution to this problem?

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