grading 1st project

I’ve been grading my students’ first project all day today. 59 webpages and answer sheets to view.. talking about a load. being a teacher is not easy. my eyes hurt from all the grading. i believe for most of them it’s their first time making a webpage so they are not experienced. it makes me wonder some of their color choices.. red on blue? lime green on red? yikes, those hurt my eyes. i do enjoy learning more about them on their pages. since for the following projects they will have to work with a partner and many of them haven’t yet chosen one, i’ve decided to let them use the webpages they created to get to know each other better. i think it’s a great idea. here are my two sections: A01 & B26. take a look at their webpages if you want.

8 thoughts on “grading 1st project

  1. Eep those webpages are blinding… blue on yellow? @_@;; Hopefully they’ll get better as they gain more experience.

    My first webpages were black and white, no blinding colors ^^;; Probably because I didn’t know how to change the colors yet…

  2. Ahw, those pages are cute. Sometimes i miss those days when everything concerning webdesign and internet was one big secret to me. Some of the magic seems to be gone, but the good thing is that i get more confident. Teaching is hard, that’s why i chose not to do it. But it’s also a lot of fun, i’m sure you’ll manage it Dodo! Hmm, I was thinking maybe you’re students will just look at the pics on those websites and pick the cutest looking guy/girl to work with, lol.

  3. Hehe, I tutor in an Intro to Web Design class, and I must say, those are better than some I’ve seen. They learn color choices after a while – especially when they have to stare at the pages for hours trying to figure out what’s wrong, or what else to add ^_^ They change their minds *real* quick!

    On question though – why are you teaching them with Microsoft Office? Will you be moving on to DreamWeaver, or is it a real basic intro course? Frontpage is evil ^_^


  4. Strangely enough, I never did use weird colour combinations on any of my first pages. I always remember doing white on black, or black on white – because common sense told me it was easiest to read. Thinking about it now, I think a darker gray on white probably would have been better.

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