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after last night's debate

someone compiled a list of polls after last nite’s debate – kerry dominated. i hope this will last. i can’t wait for the third debate. of course lots to add to bushism calendar.. my favorite as of last nite is “internets.” and watching how bush describes his environmental accomplishment makes me want to wail. what can i say? i pretty much gave up arguing with bush supporters. there is absolutely nothing in their arguments i think are worth debating. everything to me is so obvious. so let’s just see how the election will turn out. again i truly believe the turn out should be just like the global election result. but this is america right?

25 thoughts on “after last night's debate

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I hate how defensive my friends get when I try pointing out the faults in the Bush Administration. It’s like thy’re in a permanent state of denial. I would like for Kerry to win, but then again, there are so many misguided and uneducated people in the U.S. that it’s almost easy for Bush to win.

    1. Misguided? Uneducated? I guess since I am a Bush supporter, I fall into these categories…. I think not. I’m quite amused by such stereotypes, being as you’re 15 and I’m 20, but I’m still the uneducated one lol

      1. Just you using your age as support that you’re more educated than someone pretty much shows how misguided you are. I’ve seen 80 year olds act as stereotypical 10 year olds.

        In case you want to take ‘educated’ in the literal sense – There’ve been 13 year olds at Oxford.

        1. How dare you judge me?? I’ve made my choice and it’s quite unfair/rude to tag me as ‘misguided’ and ‘uneducated’. I don’t even know you and you know nothing about me!! Furthermore, just because I used my age to prove a point doesn’t make me ‘uneducated’, either. If you’d care to back up your facts before making such an absurd claim, you would see that on her website she stated that she was a high school senior. I’m a Junior in college. But whatever, I’m sure that no matter what I say, you’re going to continue believing whatever you want. Go ahead… good for you.

          1. And how hare you judge other people? That’s not rude?

            I really don’t get your double standard- If you can judge others based on their age, why can’t people judge you based on what you say?

            1. She judged me by saying that a Bush supporter is ‘misguided’ and ‘uneducated’ … I was only making an argument against hers, NOT JUDGING HER!! I suggest that you reread the previous posts. There is NO DOUBLE-STANDARD present in my argument.

                1. I stated a FACT as a part of my argument that just because I support GWB does not make me any less educated than someone who supports JK. Stating a fact and passing judgement are two totally different things.

                  1. Right, but making a reference to other people’s age and school grade? I know know about you, but I think that implys you think you’re more educated than someone else. If you wanted to state a fact to back up that you’re educated, wouldn’t you have just said somethig like, “I’m 20 and I’m in college so I’m not uneducated.”?

                    Neither does ‘education’ come with age or school, unless you want to talk about formal education. There’ve been cases of people with phDs who commit mass murder and suicides over rubbish resons.

                    And FYI, I’ve seen misguided people support both parties.

                    1. 🙂 i couldn’t have said it better!! i’m 24 and i wouldn’t doubt it if destiny was more educated on this than i am 😛

  2. I also agree fully. My roommate and I have been watching the debates, and interestingly enough Dubya’s comments on his enviromental achievements struck a sour note with us as well.

  3. I compiled those poll results, as that site you linked to is mine… thanks for spreading the word! How did you find my site? Richard’s Peking Duck blog, perhaps?

    I’m adding your site to my bookmarks. I visited China in March, and loved it… I started looking around online for sites about China after I got back, found the Peking Duck, and thats how I got started on my blog… I really want to go back to China again soon and maybe even spend a few years there.

    Anyhow, keep up the good work!

  4. I would like to hear what Kerry will do, instead of all his attacking on Bush. Sure those attacks may be correct, but I think he should show more on his part. neh? I want some sincerity…plus, nobody remembers giving him three purple hearts…*shrug* Kerry has a firmer voice and more tion in it. It’s easy for people to believe he would be a strong leader.

  5. It’s pretty useless arguing with Bush supporters, and Kerry supporters as well, they’ll never change their minds; this election is now up to the swing voters. It’s a shame how America’s split into this evenly divided two-party system. I just hope Kerry wins though.

  6. Aww… I missed that debate… oh well. I don’t see what’s wrong with supporting Bush though… everyone has their own opinions and stuff. doesn’t make you any smarter or stupider if you support Bush or Kerry or w/e.

    And before anybody starts telling me how stupid Bush is, I don’t support Bush… but I don’t support Kerry either. I don’t support any of the candidates. =P

    And yea I heard about the “internets” thing ^^;; funny funny! hehe

  7. Woooow… Bush was REALLY creamed.

    I swear, if he is president again for the next four years, I’d kill myself. -______-;; Kerry better win. I was so upset when Gore lost the last election. 😦

    1. Gore didn’t really lose the last election. He did get the majority of the people’s votes. It’s just that the voting was overruled by the electoral college 🙂

  8. Eeep… it’s getting hot in here. ^_^;;;

    Anyway, I wouldn’t want Bush or Kerry to win. Either side gets into hot debates about who should win. Personally, I’m independant. =P Voting for kerry is like driving in the daytime with the lights on, and voting for Bush is like driving in the night with the lights off. So… I choose neither. When you look at it all in perspective, Bush and Kerry’s agendas seem to be about the same. *shrug*

    Too bad nobody ever votes independant! Enough with this two-party thing!

  9. Well personally I hope Bush wins. I’m only 14 (but as some of you have so firmly established, age doesn’t matter when it comes to education 😀 )

    I watched debates 1 and 2, and I’ll grant Kerry this: he’s a wonderful speaker, and beats Bush on all accounts when it comes to public speaking. He’s much more eloquent and doesn’t stumble over words. (internets!) However his answers seemed to lead around in circles. He said he had a plan for the war on Iraq. What plan? I listened to his words several times and I couldn’t discern anything that added up to a plan. Whereas Bush is rather outright about what he says and states it simply (but repeatedly!) Yeah, I thought he did pretty bad in the first debate but really stood his ground in the third.

    Well, I just wanted to say my piece. I hate this animosity between Kerry & Bush supporters. There are of course some people who are absolutely impossible, but I have friends who think differently than me and I totally respect that. ^_^

  10. Hm…. I am a Bush supporter. But just because people have different political views doesn’t mean that they should get into arguements about it! I mean, just because one of you is a boy and maybe one of you is a girl doesn’t , mean that you’re gonna argue, you can still be friends! And anyways, whats the point of arguing something with someone halfway across the planet that you’ll probably never speak to again?

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