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To all you Iowans,

As I’m sure you’re aware, the Presidential race is very close nationwide, and especially so in Iowa and a few other “battleground states”. In this election, it is entirely possible that the electoral votes of Iowa could decide the President of the U.S. for the next four years, and also entirely possible that the electoral votes of Iowa could be decided by only a few hundred votes – Florida in 2000 is proof of that.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to urge you all, and remind you to urge those around you, to vote next week, no matter who you support (or oppose). In an era when it seems like the actions of the government are often beyond our control, or in conflict with our interests, it is important to remember that the politicians who run our country, as well as those who want to run it for the next four years, are accountable to us. As citizens of this country, it is our responsibility to make our voices heard. The more of us that cast our ballots next Tuesday, the more we’ll be shaping our own future. Tell your friends to get out and vote!

Jim (a friend of mine)

14 thoughts on “remember to vote

  1. Hello Dodo!! I have 17 and I live in Mexico, I just want to comment that you and Andy make a sweet couple, your pics are so funny!!. My best wishes for both of you guys!!!. πŸ™‚

  2. As I’m sure you know now, Bush won. I’m thrilled because I support him but I’m more thrilled over the record amount of people who voted this time – that’s what we should all be focusing on. It’s amazing, more people are realizing that voting is something not everyone gets to do and it’s a responsiblity! πŸ™‚ Go AMERICA!

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