text link advertising

the company that pays me to advertise text links anywhere on my site is looking for more sites to advertise on. look under my sponsors area on this site for an example. they pay me $10 a month (via paypal, check or credit card) for two text links. the links change every month. but there is no tracking device. it’s just a flat $10 rate regardless how many clicks you generate. to me that is solid. i never trusted any tracking devices.

they don’t have a particular requirement for joining. if you are interested, please leave your site url and an email. you can also email me if you don’t want to publicize your email.

then you will be notified by them directly if your site is accepted.

34 thoughts on “text link advertising

  1. hey! is it ok if i modify one of the ricebowl journal icons you made? i originally just fixed the transparency because there were white spots showing up [my bg isn’t white] and then i had to change the white border to a black border because the rice wasn’t showing up enough πŸ˜› and as you can imagine, i ended up changing the rice color to white..etc. anyway, here’s a link to the image: if it’s ok with you, i’ll submit it to the rb journals but i will say it’s just a modified version of yours.

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