car in the ditch

this morning on my way to work, i lost control of my car and it went into the ditch. fortunately the car doesn’t seem to be badly damaged and i’m ok. unfortunately the federal law is not allowing any towing until the snow stop. the snow is not stopping. my poor car is going to stay in the ditch for a while. want to know how snowy and windy it is here? just look at bubo

bubo in snow

bubo in snow

yes i’m a very inexperienced driver. this is really the first time i drove on an expressway in such heavy snow. the car spawn out of control at the exit ramp. arg i always hated driving. now it’s gonna be even more scary 😦

16 thoughts on “car in the ditch

  1. Yeah, driving in the snow is awful…. It’s pretty easy to spin out of control…. The trick is just to lower your speed on the highway, and especially lower it on bridges (they freeze first) and on and off ramps (they’re not as well maintained as the road)…. and don’t hit the breaks suddenly, it makes things worse…. Okay, I’ll stop it with my snow driving tips…. Your doggie is sooooooo cute, Dodo! 😀

    1. i was going a bit fast on the ramp i guess. 45mph maybe? i didn’t think it was fast since i was just following everyone in front of me. but obviously a tiny mistake will become biig. it could be a lot worse and tons people’s cars were in the ditch yesterday. we have to be put on a waiting list by the towing company.

      1. Yeah, 45 mph on an on ramp in the snow is probably a little bit too fast… Generally a good on/off ramp speed is around 25-30mph depending on how slippery, and 45 is a good highway speed. (That’s the general rule of thumb up here).

        I don’t know how it is where you are, but I know up here you have to watch out for SUVs on the highway because they think they’re invincible…. So they go flying down the highway in the snow going 60 and when you see them two miles up the road, they’re in the ditch.

  2. oh dear. so glad you’re ok!! i’m a new driver too!! it’s just so scary on the road sometimes!! i stll do not dare to drive alone yet!! snow!! i wanna see snow!!!

  3. well at least you’re fine. no bruise or anything serious. I experianced something like that. I wasn;t driving but the driver suddenly came to a halt and we all went tumbling inside. it was worse, coz a lady by my side got her whole face swollen… urgh….accidents are really scary…another good thing that you were’nt having any paranoia about it.

  4. That sounds so scary! I’m glad you are OK. 🙂 Snow is scary. I can’t wait to get back down south where it doesn’t snow often!

  5. o_0 That must have been frightening. Thank god no other cars were involved. I don’t have my lisence but driving in snow,rain etc sounds sort of worries me.

    Oh! I’m part of your new millenium clique. ( but my site is down because I’m switching registering companies. I’ve been told that it will take up to a week to get my site back up. I wanted to let you know in case you do code checks and you can’t find my code/see my page etc.

    Sorry about any problems this may of caused! I’m trying to fix it ASAP.


  6. When you press “say it,” you’re brought to a page containing many errors, but the comment still posts, just wanted to let you know. 😉

    And I left my non-domain email address on this comment in case you need to reach me about my site relating to the clique. :0)

  7. Hi Dodo, glad to hear you’re ok, I know how you feel, I live in australia, and I rolled my car on a dirt road, it is terrifying to get back behind the wheel at first, but you just have to have confidence in yourself! Hope you stay safe over the next few weeks. Smiles, manda.

  8. Glad your ok, I am always scared driving in snow. Especially since I live in the country, and the roads get really bad out here. Your dogs are so adorable!

  9. Well, I hope that your car will be okay and gets back safely! Hehe, your dog is so cute! We have so much snow too! And it’s all icy. But I guess its just because I live in Canada where all things are hockey and ice. Well, hope you have an AWESOME year 2005 and have a great month! I cant wait for Chinese New Year! But until then, take care!

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