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my cubicle

i think my cubicle is pretty cool. the first time i saw it i was actually surprised about how big it was. i mean for an entry level position, i was expecting a stall sized cubicle. haha.. not to say it’s really big or anything. you can’t fit another person in there easily but still for myself, it’s good enough.

a picture of my cubicle for your viewing pleasure. btw, the bubo graphic you see. it’s a print out of this haha

i also made a new layout for my tabulas. it’s not done tho. and hrm now i kind of realize the pain of making customized layouts for centralize blog service.. you don’t have all the control over the code.. like when someone on your friends list post bad code, it will affect your layout and messes it up XP. darn.

11 thoughts on “my cubicle

  1. Aaaawwww…. those plushiessss are soooooo cute! and i love your desk so much. I wish I’d have a desk like that. or a cubicle… but alas…. being an independent auditor (soon) would confine me outside. My office is the companies we audit. The great thing about it… I get to travel to places… and meet all types of people… hehehe… but darn!!!! That really was a nice I loved Bubo’s pic(fun graphic) there!

  2. wow. u sure do have lots of toys on your cubicle. i dont really have a cubicle. it’s just a table with drawer. not toys but lots of papers and files. really messy.

  3. Wow your plushies are so cute Dodo! ^^;; And I love the Bubo graphic =D

    And I hate designing layouts for centralized blog services too. It’s annoying, how you don’t have complete control over the code. And then some services place limitations on the code you can use and place ads on your site… – -;; Oh well.

  4. Hi! I thought I’d comment because I love your cubicle! I always felt a little weird because I’m the youngest person where I work and have my office decked out with Hello Kitty stuff. It’s so great to see I’m not alone!!!

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