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threaded comments notification

ok i guess when i wrote up my threaded comments hack, i did not include the feature where the comment author who you are replying to will get notified by email. hrm it’s just an update in your functions.php under wp-includes.

here’s my code. you can replace your old wp_notify_postauthor function with it.

like always. BACK UP before you overwrite anything.

small bug fix – spotted by ecila
πŸ™‚ the reply notification does not include the commenter’s email address so i added it in now.

15 thoughts on “threaded comments notification

  1. hrmn… you got any idea how to get this working with kubrick? the wp-comments.php is very different from the default one with kubrick. i’m not sure what to edit in it.

  2. Hi Dodo, not sure if this is the place to ask, but I downloaded the 1.5 hack, with the notification stuff in comment-function.php too, and yet the notification e-mail thing doesn’t work. I replied to other people, I replied to myself with another name and e-mail, but still there is no e-mail sent.

    Do you know what might be the problem?

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