multi-more plugin readme

saw this post in my referral. i always try my best to give enough directions for my scripts. but you have to understand not only does the code take a long time to write, readme takes even more effort to write since you have to put yourself into noncoder’s perspective. i share a lot of code for free but i also write a lot of other code i don’t share. so don’t be too tough. if you’d asked me nicely, i’d happy to help when my time allows.

all that said, i did find my readme.txt for that plugin very poorly written. altho i gave you some info in the php file but i don’t think ppl like to read php file as much as readme.txt. so i updated the readme.txt in the zip. if anyone else was having trouble, maybe you can try the new version.

plug pretty sites i saw in my referral:

8 thoughts on “multi-more plugin readme

  1. ei dodo, just so you know, when i hit “say it”, it shows error in line 140, 141, 142, 144, upto 152.
    But then again, my comment has been posted… ^_^

  2. if you’re gonna use a WP plugin, you should at least have some idea of how plugins work (ie: where to upload the things, how to activate them). you shouldn’t have to spell every single thing out. I like your scripts and have had very few problems with them – and when I did have problems, you were always willing to help out.

  3. I’m agreeing with Krissy here, I’ve never had any problems with your scripts either, and if you’re going to use plugins I do think you should have a little knowledge on how they work generally.

  4. I almost always have that problem with almost every script/addon I use; I usually have to ask someone, especially when it deals with PHP and editing files. I don’t think about asking the creators…mainly because I don’t want to be a bother because I figure they’re ALWAYS bothered. It wasn’t meant to be taken in an offensive manner. It was literally my first WP plugin and the very reason I switched to wordpress in the first place, so I didn’t know where to upload it or that I had to activate it. So, for the beginner yea it was a little confusing because I had to read the php file, which was different and I kept thinking I was missing something obvious (which I was). I’m sorry I came off as mean in that post, because I really enjoy the coding you do, I’m just not great at applying my (limited) knowledge of it in situations where it requires me to. I dislike editing files, I always break them. XD

    1. no offense taken. just explanation as why sometimes i may not give as much info as i would have liked 🙂 good luck with your plugin.

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