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record streaming audio and more

ever wondered how you can grab streaming audio and convert it to mp3? or how to convert .rm to .mp3? well here’s my way of doing it. you need the wonderful softwere Total Recorder. it allows you to record anything that is played by your sound card. ^_^

download: the version i have is 4.1b standard edition (1.03mb includes tutorial. the actual exe is only 0.98mb)

here’s a short tutorial for how to get started once you have it installed.

Once installed, the first thing you need to do is set your playback to use total recorder

Go to options -> system settings -> audio tab
select under sound playback & recording
through TotalRecorder

Then you may consider changing a few options. By default, total recorder save files as wav. Most people probably want to save it as mp3. To change that, go to options -> recording source and paramters -> recording paramters

I changed mine to record as mp3 file and with 128 kBit/s – you can decide for yourself.

You may also want to change the default folder your files are saved to under options -> settings -> open/save -> default save to

While recording, you can change the volume the recording will have compare to the original sound. set a percentage of the original sound’s volume at options -> recording source and paramters -> recording level

7 thoughts on “record streaming audio and more

  1. Ohh I love the new theme!! Though I’m late on commenting on it, lol. ^^;;
    I usually don’t need to convert anything to Mp3s, if I ever do, it’s usually because a song I have is in .wma format or something. xD;;

  2. How neat!! I listen to Radio@AOL all the time and the songs I hear are hard to find in stores… I can’t wait to try it out. Thanks for the link!

    The new theme is beautiful! :heart: The smilies are cute, too hehe

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