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javascript unescape like php function

when you start dealing with languages (i.e. chinese) that require 8 bit encoding or more, you will learn about all the wonderful jazz of utf8, unicode, ISO etc. i was looking all over for a php function that does what javascript unescape does. normally rawurldecode would work, but…

not on utf8 strings. my problem is i saved my chinese into a browser cookie and then i wish php to read and translate it to unicode for the browser to display.
for example, i’d like php to translate the utf8 string:
to display:

it ran into problems and i couldn’t find a way for php to translate that. thank god for this nifty function 🙂

6 thoughts on “javascript unescape like php function

  1. I was searching for something similar and found your blog… but the link you provided is dead – could you please resurrect it? 🙂

  2. micrub:

    try this one
    function unicode_decode($txt) {
    return ereg_replace(?%u([[:alnum:]]{4})?, ??,$txt);

    thanks, this works great, except for the character “ő”, but i think i can manage this from here 🙂

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