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write better search engine in php

my limited mysql knowledge always produced inaccurate search results when i write the board search engine. i want to do better this time for the new board so i’m reading this and trying out mysql regular expression and full text search. i’m pretty excited.

oh also, leslie reminded me. this perl style coding will save you from using back slashes and stuff like



f(isset($j_sidebar)) { 
	echo <<<EOF 
	<div id="side"> 
echo <<<EOF 
<div id="main"> 



if(isset($j_sidebar)) { 
	echo "<div id=\"side\"> $j_sidebar </div><!--side-->"; 
echo "<div id=\"main\"> $j_main </div><!--/main--> </div><!--/outer--> </body> </html>";</code>

i’ve been using the second for too long, it’s hard to change but it certainly doesn’t hurt to try something different 🙂

hehe another tip from leslie, you can insert multiple records into one table using just one query:

INSERT INTO blah (blah, blah) VALUES (blah, blah), (blah, blah), ....

4 thoughts on “write better search engine in php

  1. You blow my mind Dodo! Remember a few years ago you came to my site, still innocent, virgin from the binaries. Now here I am bowing to you, a code-goddess! :upsidedown:

  2. The reason I prefer the latter (though I did know about the first one. :3) is because I think it makes the code lots more organized looking. I even use even more echos – I close to never have any line breaks inside my echos because it messes up the pretty code. xD

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