xmlhttprequest chat

i knew someone would get it to before me 🙂 as soon as i learned about xmlhttprequest, i thought it’s totally possible to write a chat script with it. well here it is! but it’s still very primitive.. maybe i will help develop it since i’m seriously considering using one for the new dmb 🙂

7 thoughts on “xmlhttprequest chat

  1. mmm.. yah, i’m not using the latest (on my dad’s computer..), which is version 7.. i’ll try it out soon on 8 and see if it works..

    i still finds using conventional technologies to be better than new stuff.. XML is not fully supported (or even adequately supported) by many major browsers.. and Java applets is more than adequate for handling chat rooms, and it has a huge install base.. I haven’t tried php + database backend, you need a pretty fast machine to handle a huge volume.. so it’s not really practical, but then, chat rooms are not that enticing for me anyhow 😛 i would imagine you can use flash script to run a chat room also, though i haven’t been programming in actionscript for such a long time.. and currently the future of flash isn’t that certain yet, as Macromedia is been bought by Adobe..

    Though, it’s good to experiement, but the tech in my mind isn’t practical.. if something doesn’t support Opera, i wouldn’t use it unless it offers something exceptional.. 😀

    1. well there aren’t too many ppl on my board who’s obsessed with opera, i don’t really care if you want to use it or not coz you are not even a member on my board. i can write a 3 page paper why i don’t like java applet, flash etc. tried them all… i’m not saying this way is the best.. it of course has its disadvantages but so far i’d pick that over anything else. i might add an alternative interface with the same database backend but so far i’ve loving it.

  2. i will be making a new name on the new board. wow. yea i think it would be cool to use on the new board. i cant wait until its done. wee!

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