firefox is a good js debugger

did you know firefox is a really good javascript debugger? yes i’m a bit slow. i thought firefox does not show js errors. in fact, if you type “javascript:” in the url, a js console will pop up. i’ve been using IE for js debugging for a long time. and it’s HORRIBLE.. the msg is totally vague. i know there are other js debugging tools but i didn’t want to spend too much time on it since i don’t code in js THAT MUCH. but firefox’s js debugging tool rules my world ^_^

5 thoughts on “firefox is a good js debugger

  1. Oofcouuurse it has a js debugger ;P You didn’t, gasp, think that IE was better than Firefox on one little thing?

  2. Firefox pretty much is the best browser I’ve ever used. It has everything you could ever want. I don’t code in js, but I’m sure that it helps tons XP

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