8 thoughts on “awesome firefox extensions

  1. I love the web developer extension. I’ve been using it for a while and it works wonders! I tried going to the live http header viewer site, but it’s not working. Will try again later. 🙂

  2. ColorZilla, Adblock, MeasureIt. Couldn’t do without any of them! 😀

    WebDeveloper is great, yep.

  3. I feel like a stalker, I’ve known you so long. (Without you really knowing me, heh.)

    Hello there! *hugs* Do you remember me? At DMB I was a Star of the Week. But that was a loong time ago..

    Anyway, yeah, Firefox is awesome. :cute: I haven’t downloaded any of the add-ons, but it seems like I should. :heart: Very cute smilies! Well, I’ll stop by later. Feel free to email me!

  4. Quick Tab Pref Toggle allows for you to change the setting so that links open new tabs instead of windows… plus you can save two different settings and toggle between them! ^^;;

    Another useful extension is IE View, which lets you view the current page or open a link in IE from within Firefox. Firefox View does the same thing, except the other way around. =)

    Show Image lets you reload a broken image without having to reload the whole page.

    Translate lets you translate a web page or selected text to and from different languages.

    And yay for the web developer extension =D I love Firefox too :heart:

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