5 thoughts on “media player classic

  1. I want to give a warning about this program. I installed Yahoo! AntiSpyware, and it listed this program as adware. I don’t know about you, but a few days after I downloaded this program, I started to have pop-ups popping up every which way – and I know that it wasn’t due to the sites that I had visited. You can check this out for yourself; I just don’t want you guys to get infested like I did. I hope this problem will go away now that I’ve deleted the file … I hate pop-ups. :grumpy:

    1. that doesn’t sound right. media player classic is an open source project. what’s the point of adding adware in there? no one benefits from it @_@ plus i’ve used it for over a year already and never had problem with it. the adware might have come from some other softwares you downloaded.

  2. Media Player Classic has been already out for long, since the 1.0 of the Klite Codec Pack i think… i personally use it to play files MKV and OGG after installed Klite Codec (now is 2.6 already and Klite Codec have MPC as its default player), and install 2 more stuff is “Real Alternative” and “QuickTime Alternative” – both increase the ability for MPC to play Real format files and Quicktime format files…. with Xvid and DivX, i can play almost every videos i can find on the Internet

    about Yahoo AntiSpyware, i haven’t know about it yet, but i havent heard about MPC contains spyware or adware inside…..

    if you guys worry about your PC, for security program, i recommend “Trend Micro Office Scan”, at least, it find out Trojans, Viruses and Spyware that all MSAntispyware, ZoneAlarmSecurityPro and TrojanGuarder havent included… i think their viruses/spy-grayware/trojan signatures is the most up-to-date i’ve ever known….

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