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XHTML strict validated flash code

i put up a slideshow of the silver jewelry club photos i’ve saved. after i added the code given to me directly from, my site no longer validates with XHTML 1.0 strict rules. So I researched on valid flash embed code and found this nifty javascript trick for embedding flash.

The code given to me from the

<embed src="" 

The final code I put up that works & validates:

<div id="slideshow">If you don't see the slideshow, <a href="">click here.</a>.</div>
<script type="text/javascript"> 
// <![CDATA[ 
	var fo = new FlashObject(";channel=181375", "flashticker", "205", "97", "6", "#ffffff"); 
	fo.addVariable("wmode", "transparent"); 
	fo.addVariable("quality", "high"); 
	fo.addVariable("scale", "noscale"); 
	fo.addVariable("salign", "l"); 
	fo.addVariable("align", "middle"); 
// ]]>

given that I’ve properly uploaded flashobject.js and included in the header of my HTML with:

<script type="text/javascript" src="/js/flashobject.js"></script>

One thought on “XHTML strict validated flash code

  1. My buddy Jim and I over at were having this exact problem, so we built a tool for it. It ended up working really well, so we decided to release it for free as our way of giving back to the web.

    The tool we made is called Validifier, available at

    You just paste your Flash embed code and translates it into valid XHTML automatically. I run a video blog and I’ve found it to be really handy. I hope this helps someone! 😀

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