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why did i come to work?

i don’t know why i came to work today.

the weather is hell. this morning freezing rain fell. then snow pellets, thunder & lightning. tonight we are supposed to get 5 inches of snow. misty was a scared little puppy. she always has been a chicken.

i was woke up by the loud thunder at 6am and was debating if i should go to work ever since. for a while i thought for sure i was NOT going. it all changed around 8 o’clock. i thought maybe the road won’t be as bad.

WRONG! trying to stop for a red light, i did a 180 at an intersection. FORTUNATELY there was no car behind or next to me. otherwise i’d wipe out all three lanes. that really scared the **** out of me. i knew i should have turned around but i kept going. after i got on interstate 80, i found out the right lane was not ploughed at all. the left lane seemed clean. patiently i waited for all the cars on the left lane to pass me and then got on the left lane and drove about 45mph all the way close to the exit. then i was terrified when i had to change back to the right lane to go on the off ramp. i know from my past experience how much control i would be in getting on top of a pile of snow. i just told myself, go slow slow slow. it was still probably pretty risky because by the time i got to the right lane, the car behind me was almost about to hit my rear end. i slowed down to 25mph when i reached the off ramp.

thank god now i’m safely sitting in my cube. of course i will be surprised if even 10% of the IT employees came. all the meetings i have on my schedule have been cancelled.

maybe it’s time to really get some work done? LMAO

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