COLTS WON!!!!!!!!

Colts WON 2006 AFC Championship

COLTS WON!!!!!!!!

COLTS WON!!!!!!!!

COLTS WON!!!!!!!!

Andy and I embraced each other after the last Marlin Jackson interception. Tears were rolling down my face. I couldn’t believe how joyful I was! I feel so happy for the Colts esp. Peyton Manning. Now people can shut up about how he’s never been to a Superbowl. He’s going to one NOW!

The game was excruciating to watch. I had to hold my breath until the last 16 seconds. THANKS TO THE GUYS FROM IOWA!!! Dallas Clark & Bob Sanders! Dallas had 6 catches for 137 yards and Bob Sanders had a crucial pass breakup at 3rd & 4 on NE’s second to last possession with 2:30 to go.

I had HUGE doubt after the first half but they came back from the half time with GREAT looks coming back from a 18-point deficit (biggest in AFC Championship history). Wouldn’t I wish they’d have taken the lead earlier but they didn’t until there was only one minute left in the game. Peyton manning couldn’t watch the last NE drive and I totally felt for him.

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