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the good way to fix float issue in container


this issue has been bugging me for too long. i finally got off my lazy butt and researched for a solution. if you do a lot of css layouting, sooner or later you will run into this issue.

How To Clear Floats Without Structural Markup tutorial gives the best solution i can find for it.

in case that site goes down or disappears, i’ve saved a backup copy here. it’s too precious to be lost 🙂

and yes i’m actually working on a new layout for pure essence. WOW the sun is rising from the west. FYI i’m ditching support for 800?600 resolution in the new layout. if you still use 800×600 you either need to get a bigger monitor or use the horizontal scrollbar.

OH YEA, i also turned big fat 25 today! i had a lot of fun playing cards with family. we went to this Sushi House restaurant in Cedar Rapids. it is THE BEST place for Japanese and Chinese food around here!!! SERIOUSLY!

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