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Funny videos to share

i’m quite overwhelmed by my new job. since i don’t have internet access at night, i haven’t been able to keep up with my sites. i hope everything will be a lot smoother by august. we are actually buying a new house here which i can move into. i know we haven’t sold our condo yet but it will be fine since andy’s staying with it until it’s sold.

this awesome fire fighter interview will make you laugh.

what about the dis from the old lady you’d never expect

you may say this dog is very stupid but he’s a comedian x5 🙂

oh AND if you use gmail notifier, you need to learn how to SECURE IT!

One thought on “Funny videos to share

  1. lol! the chinese signs are really funny! :biggrin: 😀 🙂 :yawn: ok ther are getting a little tired of reading over … and over … and over … again…… :blank:

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