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my new toyota yaris

This month has been hectic. I’ve moved to a new city for a new job. Temporarily sharing a room of a lady’s condo. We are selling our old condo, buying a new house and buying a new car for the new city. I’ve decided to return my one year old matrix (was on lease) and buy this 2007 toyota yaris instead. I got it today and just LOVE THE COLOR. The color is called jade sea metallic. Here are some photos to share.

my favorite feature of the car: an audio jack to plug your mp3 player in 🙂
comes with power package: cruise control, air bags, power locks, power windows, the cd player plays mp3 & wma and all that jazz that gear toward younger generation which makes me very content.
i will miss the outside temp from the matrix tho. it’s not available on the yaris

13 thoughts on “my new toyota yaris

  1. Wow, congrats Dodo! I love the color, too 🙂

    That reminds me of the Yaris commercials with the dueling cars (Yaris v.s. Yaris) Those were so cool!

    I’ve been driving the same car since I turned 16, so I’m ready for a new one! :upsidedown:

  2. it’s so cute! what’s the gas mileage like? Not that I can afford a new car, but, ya know, one day I’m sure I eventually will, lol.

  3. [Comment ID #29528 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I’m sure it takes a little to get used to but it shouldn’t be too bad. That way you don’t have to look down as much when you glance at your speed. Plus the wheel won’t be in the way.

  4. Nice. Didn’t know the yaris has the speedometer in the middle of the car :s Does it come with air conditioning? 😀

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