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Wisconsin Dells Vacation

We have planned this vacation in May and we finally did it. Even with all the moving, selling & buying house, getting a new job and going back to school, we still made it. It was an awesome vacation. We stayed at the Wisconsin Dells area for six days five nights. Two at Chula Vista and three at a whirlpool suite at Wintergreen resort. We spent most of our time in the Chula Vista indoor water park and the Mt. Olympus but we also visited Timbavati Wildlife Park, Ghost-Out-Post, went on the original duck tour, the jet boat tour, and watched the Tommy Bartlett Show. We also tried out some restaurants in the area. Here’s how I would rate everything.

Chula Vista – Love this resort. Next time we will definitely stay longer. The indoor water park here is even better than the one at Mt. Olympus. We rid the fast Ruby Run tube ride for oh maybe about 20 times. We didn’t realize it connects to the river walk so we did our walk around in a dumb route.

Wintergreen resort – The hotel is not impressive. The “suite” with the whirlpool is very crammed. They forgot to do housekeeping in our room after the first night. I was not happy. We had our breakfast at the hotel restaurant, it was decent.

Mt. Olympus – We went there coz the tickets came free with our stay with Wintergreen. The outdoor water park is decent but the roller coaster rides cost extra on top of your admission. What kind of sense does that make? After two days we find ourselves mostly in the wave pool and the lazy river. If we had any energy left, we’d probably check out Noah’s Ark but you get wore out after too many rides.

Timbavati Wildlife Park – a tiny worthless zoo. Not worth visiting if you don’t have young children.

Ghost-Out-Post – more disgusting than scary. Pretty short tour and feel cheap.

The Original Duck tour – Very interesting tour on both land and water. Don’t expect a lot of leg room in your seats.

Jet boat tour – Very fun and fast. The boats do hard brakes and spins and you will get wet.

Tommy Bartlett Show – We went to the night show and totally didn’t enjoy the water ski part of the show. I thought it was completely overrated. The the performers made multiple mistakes. The clown was unbearably cheesy. The story line was poorly written. The only impressive thing was the hang glider at the end. The second half was so so. The juggler was very entertaining and kept your attention for the entirety of his performance. Overall it kept me wondering if my money would be better spent going to a different attraction.

Crabby’s All You Can Eat Seafood – $29.99 per person and it doesn’t include drinks. What the hell? The food isn’t bad but it’s just not worth thirty bucks. We regret eating there but it’s a once in life time mistake.

Wild West All-You-Can-Eat Buffet – We stopped by since we had a coupon but the place smelled revolting to me so we left.

Paul Bunyan’s “Northwoods Cook Shanty” – Family style all you can eat restaurant. They just keep bring out fresh food. Very awesome. Loved it.

That’s all the unique places we visited. We were also surprised how many Eastern Europeans were working in the area. I don’t have many photos to share since we didn’t take many. Just two I kinda like.

Inside of the duck
While the duck was passing thru a canyon

A view of the Dells from the river walk

6 thoughts on “Wisconsin Dells Vacation

  1. I don’t get it, that picture of the “Duck Truck” thing, what was it doing? :S Is it gunna climb up that mountain or what lol :s

  2. Very cool – thanks for this! I have family in Madison and Rapids and I have been wanting to go to the Dells. We drove through there last Sept and it looked pretty rad… but it was kinda cold, so nothing was running.

  3. Hi,
    I “stumbled upon” your blog and found the pictures very captivating.

    I live over Lake Michigan in Grand Rapids. Your blog has given me
    ideas for a quick vacation trip.

    Winter is just arriving here so snow is around the corner.

    The Dells are probably better for a summer type trip, would you say?


  4. Nice blog about the Dells and it looks like you had a good time. We always do when we take the kids up for a weekend. Next time you are thinking about taking a trip to the Dells consider visiting my website before you book your trip. I own a couple of condos at Chula Vista and can usually offer a pretty good rate.

    Take Care,


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