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Quotes from CSI

If you haven’t watched CSI – the most watched crime show on TV, then you should. I was looking some quotes from the show last night and thought I’d share these:

Gil Grissom: A Harvard professor conducted an experiment. Asked a bunch of students to watch a basketball game – count the number of times the ball was passed.
Captain Jim Brass: Yeah? Groundbreaking.
Gil Grissom: During the game a person dressed in a gorilla suit ran across the court. Afterward, the professor asked the students if they noticed the gorilla. Fifty percent responded, “what gorilla?”
Captain Jim Brass: That’s wonderful, Gil. If I see a gorilla, I’ll arrest it.

Captain Jim Brass: [to a suspect] Nice stare. Too bad it doesn’t work on me. Keep it though – they’ll love it in prison.

Gil Grissom: So, let’s see. You surf, you scuba dive. You’re into latex, you like fashion models and Marilyn Manson. And you also have a coin collection?
Greg Sanders: Weird, ha?
Gil Grissom: Well, I race cockroaches!

[Dr. Robbins has received a human head in the mail]
[Grissom walks into the room]
Gil Grissom: I heard you got some head.

Warrick Brown: Who brings a gun to a knife fight?
Gil Grissom: The winner?

5 thoughts on “Quotes from CSI

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  2. I love CSI. I can’t however stand the other two versions. They’re so tacky and the dialogues are just plain stupid. I don’t understand how people manage to listen to Horatio Cain and his neverending sentences in slow motion…

    Gil Grissom is cool πŸ™‚

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