OMG does anyone blog any more?

I thought I was bad. But I just visited my links on my blogroll… seriously people haven’t updated their blogs for too long. liberta hasn’t updated her blog since last year? Is it true? Or has she moved? I don’t know her very well but I love her designs. What is natasja doing? All of those cutesy sites are gone ;_; yeah I know my Dodo’s New World will never return either.

Blogging has really gone down hill for me. Even when I have something to talk about, I don’t always blog any more. Sometimes I flip thru my old entries. Oh boy I used to talk a lot about personal issues. Not that I no longer have any but I’m really scared who’d read them any more. It’s really kinda sad. I used to use my blog as my diary. Maybe as you get older, you just can’t let go of your emotions.

What do you blog about nowadays?

9 thoughts on “OMG does anyone blog any more?

  1. Nothing at all. Blogging has taken the air of Seinfeld.

    Completely unrelated, but since I can’t seem to find this info anywhere: when did you first put this layout up?

  2. I barely blog at all now, since entering university. Even when I do, it’s a pointless entry about nothing. I think this whole blogging fad (everyone seems to have a blog now) is dimming out. Along with the bloggers pre-fad, no one really seems to blog much about anything. You either find blogs about daily-life drabble or blogs that focus on news from other sites. I sometimes wonder if there is even a point to blogging… Why do you blog? (ohh answered your question with a question XD)

  3. I’m not a blogging fan. I have a diary at home in which I can really express myself, because you’re right, anyone can be reading your blogs.

    I do think it’s important to let your visitors know that you’re alive, and still care about your site though. I find myself not being interested in someone’s site if they seem to have no interest in it either.

  4. hey dodo…i guess we’re all going through the same phase? i used to blog pretty often and about anything as well. now i dont feel like telling too much stuff, especially stuff that are close to our hearts? afraid that we might reveal too much and make ourselves vulnerable? nowadays, i just blog about special occasions ^_^ just to keep the blog running? hahaha 😀

  5. I haven’t had a blog on my main site in ages. I donno, I just can’t keep up with it. But I still like to keep a journal online as a means of keeping track of personal growth and things like that. I still remember blogging back before I had a domain and I used pitas and diary-x… and then I went to livejournal (oddly enough, i still post there a few times a week)

    I also haven’t seen much in the way of cutesy sites anymore either. I really miss browsing them. :/ It’s been what? Almost 10 years since a lot of us really started webdesign? Maybe it’s just kind of fizzling out?

  6. I’m extremely surprised that someone would have missed me! :blush:

    Anyway, the site’s currently dead as I simply do not have the time to manage it now that I’m in my final year and into my final examinations before I graduate. But hopefully, the site would be back up and running again in a few months time.

    I’m sure most people who “abandon” their blog have something in their life that their too busy to deal with. 😦

  7. I used to be in the online world for years but never blogged posted and ran message boards if anything and designed. Have been off the online world for just over two years and am having a come back by having an online blog for the first time starting this week actually.

    I write about…. profound thoughts that I think of that may turn into a poem or inspire someone on some level. When I talk about my personal problems I try to talk about the lesson or the different perspectives that come with it. Just because nothing is every black or white in my mind i’m always over analizing by nature. I try to stay outside the box.

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