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NFL torrent site

If you are a NFL fan like me, you might appreciate this site. It hosts torrents for almost all the NFL games during the season. It even has NFL shows on the NFL network. I’ve been looking for a torrent for the 2006 Colts America’s Game episode for ages. I finally found it there. The registration is completely free 🙂

Also channelsurfing a good site for online NFL game streaming (and other selective sports)

7 thoughts on “NFL torrent site

  1. Hi there,

    I heard about this torrent website a lot but can’t register. It would take somebody from the inside to invite me there !
    Any chance you can help on that ? 🙂

    Thanks a lot,


  2. I just found that site but it says the account user limit has been reached. anybody know of another good nfl torrent site?

  3. the site is useless, even if you get an invite they randomly disables account and stuff if they want to, if you don’t use it over the off season they also may disable you account, i learned that the hard way…

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