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amazon patriots 19-0 book cache

i got sick last week and it got worse this tuesday. for a few days i’d fall asleep around 9 just to wake up later because my throat hurts so bad. and i have to blow my nose and sneeze. it hurts to talk and to clear my throat. maybe i’m not just having a cold, it’s flu or something. i really don’t know. but aside from not having a fever, i’ve been pretty miserable. 😦 ;_;

so i woke up a few minutes ago and checked out new posts on the colts forum. someone posted a cached link of the amazon patriots 19-0 book (screenshot).

the most amusing part is the review by D. Sterling (Dallas, TX). s/he apparently knows something we don’t.

8 of 8 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars Prescient, February 1, 2008
By D. Sterling (Dallas, TX)

What a wonderful and insightful book! The whole story of this incredible season is laid out with amazing detail, wonderful anecdotes, and personal vignettes that really touch the heart of every football fan.

The final chapter, detailing the Super Bowl, is especially worthwhile. After Brady’s now famous debilitating hang-nail on his left hand in the first quarter, the world waited with baited breath as the two backup QB “Matt’s” flipped a coin to see who would play. We all watched as the quarter hung on its side, eventually falling the way of Matt Gutierrez. While he did not complete a pass the rest of the way, the 6 “statue-of-liberty” plays, for a combined 275 yards, set a Super Bowl record for both the number of statue-of-liberty plays, and the total yardage from that special bon-mot of a play.

I digress…..get the book….it will change your life.

LMAO this person seriously has some hallucination issues. maybe s/he had a fever when s/he wrote that.

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