adobe flex

i’m doing some more reading and researching on open laszlo. it’s kinda funny that i found a blog entry that compares open laszlo and adobe flex. i’ve just recently been to a jug meeting that presented flex. due to technology difficulties the presenter was not able to show us live the flex IDE. here’s a webcast for the flex IDE.

another interesting note. the two sides of RIA 🙂 Do we really need it? vs. Why not?

Although I do not doubt that RIA is the future of web applications. I really don’t think the web is ready for it yet. For example, I was just thinking if I use a full scaled open laszlo app like this one, my firefox won’t even prompt to remember my password at the login. Browsers are still very much build for the traditional web apps. In the sense, ajax has the upper hand. It offers a more smooth transition. However, flash can be a lot more integrated.

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