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I got a flickr pro account

I purchased a flickr pro account for two years today. I never used flickr much but recently I revisited the falbum plugin for wordpress and was quite impressed not only with the plugin but the flickr API. I then revisited flickr to upload some of the baby photos for bubo and misty and found their interface had yet improved again. Their UI is very web 2.0 and works pretty much like a desktop app. Since I received some donation and advertising money online in my paypal recently, I wanted to use it up. After I uploaded some photos and found that a basic account is only allowed to have 3 sets, I’ve decided to go pro. It’s $47.99 for two years. For their service, I think it’s worth it. I need to spend some time to truly config and style falbum before I can integrate it with wordpress. I look forward to it.

baby bubo

Now let’s visit the sets that may bring a mom to tears. Bubo growing up and misty growing up.

5 thoughts on “I got a flickr pro account

  1. i wish i could have another pro Account!
    i once had a 1 year Pro account but it expired
    on the 11th of november last year.. it sucks…
    so good for you! (= LOL!

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