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Found a new home & printer

Pure Essence was sponsored before and the sponsor died so I moved it to So far I’m very happy with the support and server speed. I can tell a huge difference between the new server and my old. I hope the new home will be a lot better. Pure Essence had suffered a lot of down time due to running out of bandwidth and server down time in the past months. I hope it will be up 99.9% of the time as guarantees 🙂

On the other hand, we bought a printer!! Brother MFC-7840W Laser Multifunction Center with Wireless and Ethernet Network Interfaces is our new and FIRST printer. We bought it from Bestbuy for only $200. We never owned a printer before. It obviously is inconvenient from time to time. Now we’ve got a laser network printer that may act as a copy machine & fax machine. It almost feels like being spoiled. Hahaha!

After we purchased the printer, I did a little more research on it. I was surprised to find that we got an awesome deal (even without Andy’s employee discount since it was on sale) and the reviews for this printer are very positive. Hurray!

One thought on “Found a new home & printer

  1. I’m super jealous that you got a great deal esp. how you can print wireless w/o having the pc connected to it, on? That’s so cool, I thought only HP had that and well I don’t get along w/ HP products (2 pcs and 4 printers = garbage).

    I have a Brother’s laser b&w printer sorta looks like yours w/o the multi-stuff. I hope your model is easier to remove/replace the toner. It took my mom and I, 30 mins. to get the toner out of the printer (and we’re both quite techie but not as great as you) and replace it.

    My Canon printer has gone wacko, it wrinkles the paper and spits it out. It’s possessed! y_y I miss seeing colour on paper lol but then again, it’s cheaper (toner lasts forever).

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