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friend's dream about me

Haha this had me in tears. What a dream Kimi 🙂

kimi: omg i had the most **** up dream right before i got up this morning
kimi: you were in it and dodo too
kimi: too much p.s.
kimi’s friend (12:36:58 PM): hahaha
kimi: we were at this festival
kimi: they were squirting water on people because it was so hot .. and selling GIANT avacados in vending machines
kimi: and ….
kimi: in the vending machines
kimi: to EAT
kimi: with the avacados
kimi’s friend: hahaha wtf
kimi: dodo was there on stage with this hot pink set and purple smoke lol
kimi: in this silvery costume and lots of glitter
kimi: singing in chinese a song to “save the kittens”
kimi: and all these pet society characters were dancing with her
kimi: it was in some weird country
kimi’s friend: whoaaa
kimi: you and i were like yeah!!!! save the kittens!!!
kimi: they were all half starved and out of it
kimi: so hot and crammed in the machines
kimi’s friend: HAHAHHAHAH
kimi: the avacados were so beautiful but the kittens were half dead .. all orange and white kittens
kimi: $5 each and i had NO money
kimi’s friend: awwww
kimi: i said “i wish i could buy them with pet society coins” then i woke up
kimi’s friend: LOL
kimi: dodo had a hit song with her kitten song
kimi: i wondered if she would save all the kittens with it
kimi: god it was **** up
kimi: them clawing to get out of the machines
kimi: its still bugging me
kimi: im halving my xanax so im going to start having nightmares :p

4 thoughts on “friend's dream about me

  1. oh wow that’s so crazy,
    it’s pretty sad that the kittens were half dead and in vending machines!!
    i love crazy dreams like this though!

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